US Comfort Fit Ring Size VS US Standard Fit Ring Size

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Standard Fit Size VS Comfort Fit Size:

There are two types of sizing systems in North America; Standard Fit Size and Comfort Fit Size. Standard fit rings and wedding bands are the most common types. Comfort Fit is newer and not as well known as Standard Fit. Both types of fit are explained below.

US Comfort Fit Ring Size Guide

Determining Comfort Fit Size:
A good method of determining your Comfort Fit size is to first determine your Standard Fit size at a local jeweler, and then order a half size smaller. For example, if you are measured for a Standard Fit size 9.0 by your local jeweler, you should order a Comfort Fit size 8.5. This is simply a general recommendation, not a hard rule. For rings that are wider than 8 mm, it is not recommended to go down half a size because rings wider than 8 mm fit tighter.

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