Product Disclaimers

Downloadable Software

Stdwellers Downloadable Software Policy:

  • All sales of Downloadable Software applications are final.
  • Stdweooers doesn't accept returns of downloadable software.
  • Please verify purchase quantity before purchase software

Software may require you to use a computer or other device meeting minimum system requirements, and you are responsible for ensuring that your computer or device meets Software system requirements prior to purchase. Generally, Software system requirements are available on or from product detail pages. Once you have purchased a downloadable product, we encourage you to download it, if applicable, and to access it promptly to ensure that you have received it. You are responsible for downloading and confirming your ability to access software within thirty (30) days after purchase and bear all risk of loss thereafter, including any loss due to a computer or hard drive crashes. We will usually continue to make purchased software available in the Stdwellers Order History Page for additional activations or copies even after this thirty (30) day period, but we may, from time to time, remove without notice because of the Software provider's licensing restrictions or for other reasons. Stdwellers will not be liable to you if any Software is removed from the Stdwellers Order History Page or otherwise becomes unavailable for additional activation or copies. If you are unable to successfully download or access an Application after having reviewed our online help resources, please contact us customer service.

Digital Deliver Product

Stdwellers Digital digital products:

  • All sales of Digital products are final.
  • Newegg doesn't accept returns of digital products.
  • Please verify purchase quantity before proceeding.

All sales of digital products are final. We do not accept returns of digital products. Once you have purchased a Digital products, we encourage you to save the email. Stdwellers will not be liable to you for any stolen or misplaced codes. Codes are usually delivered in minutes or, at most, within 48 hours depending on additional order validation required by Stdwellers or your Credit Card company. If you are unable to successfully receive your code, please contact our customer service.